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TreeAge Pro is a sophisticated yet highly user-friendly software package
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TreeAge Pro empowers even casual users to build and analyze sophisticated analytical models in an accelerated timeframe. If you are an experienced analyst, you will be comfortable using TreeAge Pro following a quick review of its software commands. If you have no experience or only limited knowledge of decision analysis principles, TreeAge Pro will speed your learning process.

TreeAge Pro is a sophisticated yet highly user-friendly software package that facilitates decision making in the face of complexity and uncertainty.

TreeAge Pro provides a systematic methodology and framework for understanding a problem, identifying available options, evaluating options in the context of associated uncertainties, and developing strategies which maximize the likelihood of success while minimizing unacceptable levels of risk.

It is used by:
- Corporate lawyers, attorneys and mediators to determine the settlement value of litigation
- The energy and petroleum industries to deal with uncertainties in exploration and drilling
- Engineers to assess design and production risks
- Economists and government officials to assess the effects of competing policy decisions
- Physicians to develop procedures for early identification and treatment of life-threatening conditions
- Public health officials to evaluate competing health policies
- Pharmaceutical companies to establish product cost-effectiveness
- Executives and managers for financial and strategic decisions

Main features:
- sensitivity analysis (1-, 2-, and 3-way analysis as well as tornado diagrams)
- Monte Carlo simulation
- Bayes' revision
- threshold analysis
- faster, more reliable dynamic links between TreeAge Pro and spreadsheets or database files
- enhanced utility functions to measure risk aversion
- expected monetary value, expected value of perfect information or certainty equivalent calculations
- eighteen built-in sampling distributions and customizable distributions
- complete decision tree rollback information
- single and comparative probability distribution graphs
- financial, arithmetic, statistical, conditional and logical functions
- strategy graphs displayed in presentation-quality output

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